Prepaid debit cards are the wave of the future for financial freedom and independence. Consumers who have prepaid cards can use them at many of the same locations that take Visa credit cards. Additionally, prepaid cards have a wealth of features that consumers can enjoy. is a company that offers a myriad of fun and exciting prepaid cards for customers who want purchasing power in the palms of their hands. Prepaid Credit Card Overview prepaid cards are a unique brand of cards that offer variety along with freedom. Consumers do not have to stress over their credit reports or scores because the card company does not conduct any credit checks of any kind. The company focuses on placing purchasing power in the hands of its customers rather than judging them for past credit issues.

Freedom is another benefit of having a prepaid card. Cardholders can use their prepaid cards to purchase products and services from millions of merchants that accept cards with the Visa logo. They can use their cards to buy items such as fuel, clothing, groceries, airline tickets, concert tickets, electronics, automobile rentals, hotel accommodations and more. Cardholders can use their cards to shop at physical locations as well as online locations. Furthermore, no one will know that his or her cards are prepaid, as prepaid products look the same as regular credit cards. prepaid cards do not yield any overdraft fees or late fees. The customer cannot go over a “credit limit” because he or she will have complete control over the amount of money on the card. The cardholder will load the card through various methods. When the person depletes the balance of the card, then the merchants will decline the transactions until the cardholder replenishes the account. Overdraft fees are impossible, and late fees are nonexistent because a prepaid card has no minimum payment schedule.

Cardholders who would like to cash checks can do so without the burden of check cashing fees. In fact, cardholders can deposit their paychecks directly onto their prepaid cards and waive the monthly fee that the company may have attached otherwise. Direct deposit is not the only way the cardholders can add funds to their cards, however. offers prepaid card loads by way of MoneyPak, Western Union, PayPal, check deposit and ACH bank transactions.

  • No Credit Check: The best part about the prepaid card is that consumers of all credit levels can apply for it. Persons who do not have bank accounts can benefit by applying for this beautiful prepaid card. The application process is very quick, and new cardholders can have their new products in their hands within several business days.
  • Tons of Fun Designs: The selection of designs is extensive compared to other debit card companies. Most prepaid debit card providers offer one to three different card styles. The card has more than 20 different card designs. Some of the most popular card designs that the product offers are Popeye, James Dean, Walking Dead, Elvis Presley, Garfield, Sesame Street and more. The provider is trying to appeal to the youthful and artistic senses of the masses. A personal debit card should reflect a person’s personality. The large assortment of choices makes personalization easy.
  • Accepted at all Visa-Friendly Locations: Prepaid Visa users have the same freedom as regular credit card users. They can walk into any place that accepts Visa cards and conduct their transactions without prejudice or problems.
  • Does Not Improve Credit Score: A prepaid debit card does not have a positive or negative impact on a person’s credit score. Since it does not involve a documented payment history, a consumer cannot use it to improve his or her credit report over time.
  • No Credit Line: The prepaid debit card does not have a credit line per se. The customer sets the amount of funds that he or she would like on the card. Once the funds are gone, the cardholder needs to replenish them. No loan products are included in the prepaid debit card. Therefore, the consumer will have to come up with the funds that he or she needs for every single purchase.
  • Monthly Fee: The prepaid debit card has a monthly fee of $5.95. However, the consumer does have the option of having the fee waived if the person agrees to have work funds direct deposited into the account.
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The prepaid Visa card is an exceptional product for consumers who want a playful card they can use to manage their funds. It carries minimal fees that can be waived, and it gives the user the opportunity to carry something colorful. Additionally, the card provides stress-free access to the plastic products that millions of merchants accept.

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