Horizon Gold Card

Horizon Gold Card

In most cases, getting a credit card with poor or limited credit is challenging. The Horizon Gold card offers consumers a breath of fresh air with its easy-to-obtain product. The Horizon Gold card is a product that gives people with tarnished credit the opportunity to rebuild their reputations so that they can obtain the things they desire in the future. Card acceptance requires no credit check, and new cardholders can enjoy a hefty $500 credit limit.

Horizon Gold Card Overview

The best benefit of the Horizon Gold card is that applicants will receive an instantaneous unsecured $500 credit line. Applicants do not have to worry about their credit histories because the company does not perform a credit check of any kind. Another fantastic feature of the Horizon Gold card is that it applies no annual percentage rate to the consumers’ purchases. The Horizon Gold card gives its cardholders financial freedom, unlike other cards that use APRs that are between 8 and 29 percent. The 0 percent APR allows consumers to enjoy every bit of their credit lines.

Persons who apply for the Horizon Gold card can receive guaranteed approval in record time. They can apply using the quick online application and have an approval within seconds. Consumers no longer have to wait extended periods for card companies to think about their decisions. Horizon Gold knows that its card belongs in every customer’s hands. Applicants can have a new account with a Horizon Gold card in no time, and they can start shopping immediately.

Another great feature of the Horizon Gold Card is that applicants can have any job. They can be self-employed individuals, full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, on-call persons and the like. In fact, an unemployed person has as good a chance of receiving a Horizon Gold card as an employed person does. The company will not conduct an employment check or a credit check. Therefore, consumers of all economic classes and credit classes have access to the amazing benefits that this card provides.

  • Credit Line: The Horizon Gold card offers an immediate $500 credit line to its new customers. The credit line is incredibly generous as compared some other first-time credit card issuers. Other card companies offer their cardholders small initial limits that are no more than $200 to $300. The Horizon Gold card gives a bit more to its cardholders to show its appreciation.
  • No APR: The Horizon Gold card offers an extremely attractive annual percentage rate, which is 0 percent. Most credit cards on the market have interest rates that can be as high as 29 percent. Even the credit card companies that offer 0 percent APR introductory periods stop offering them after a while. The Horizon Gold card’s 0 percent APR is consistent as long as the consumer has a card in his or her hands. The APR is an unbeatable advantage that will attract many users to the card.
  • Reports to Credit Bureau: Horizon Gold cardholders can rebuild or establish their credit with frequent reports to the major credit bureaus. The company reports each timely payment to the credit bureaus so that they recognize the cardholder as an honest debtor. Just one timely payment can make a person’s credit score rise several points. In a year’s time, a holder can see an enormous significance in the way creditors view him or her.
  • Activation Fee: The card does have a small activation fee, but it is not unbearable, and it only occurs on time. Other creditors in the industry have activation fees that are as high as $89.99, and they do not offer the same 0 percent APR that the Horizon Gold card offers. The one-time $29.95 fee is well worth the access to immediate hassle-free credit clout.
  • Limited Use: The Horizon Gold card works differently than some other credit cards. Cardholders are limited to using the card only at the Horizon Online outlet. Other merchants will not accept the card. However, the Horizon online shop has a myriad of products and services that a consumer can obtain. Cardholders can shop for toys, electronics, appliances, home décor, clothing, shoes, fragrances and the like. In fact, there is not too much that consumer will not find on the site.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: The card has a $6 monthly maintenance fee. However, cardholders can have the fee waived if they sign up for the benefit plan that offers roadside assistance and legal help.
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Horizon Gold Card Review

The Horizon Gold card provides an excellent opportunity for a person who needs to increase his or her credit score. The nonexistent APR and the high credit line give struggling consumers enough reason to apply. The application is well worth the time for a person who is seeking to reclaim financial freedom and security.

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