Merit Platinum

Merit Card

Merit Platinum is a merchandise purchasing card that interested applicants can receive with very few criteria. Merit Platinum guarantees that if you are over age 18, have a debit or credit card account, and can provide an address and telephone number; you can get approved for the card. There are no credit checks and no deposits required to get approved.

Merit Platinum Overview

Anyone over the age of 18 can be qualified for a Merit Platinum card, but it is geared toward individuals with very few credit options. For someone with no credit at all, getting approved for a card with a $500 purchase limit and no credit check can be an enticing offer. This card is different from a traditional credit card. The Merit Platinum Card is a merchandise card that can only be used to make purchases at The Horizon Outlet. This is an online shopping center that offers a wide variety of consumer goods from baby clothes, seasonal goods, electronics and video games, as well as clothing for the whole family.

With responsible management of the purchasing card, it could very well make a positive difference in more credit availability for customers who have a history of bad credit or limited credit options. Merit Platinum advertises that they report to at least one of the major credit bureaus. This could increase a person’s credit score, or simply be a positive sign of creditworthiness. Over time, it could result in the customer being eligible for more traditional unsecured credit cards.

Merit Platinum has a 0% APR on all purchases but does not have a rewards program. They do, however, have a membership benefit plan that offers several features that might be helpful to their customers. For a fee of $24.95 per month, members have access to:

  • My Privacy Protection- program that helps consumers protect their online personal information
  • My Universal RX- prescription drug program that helps customers save 40% on some prescriptions
  • My Roadside Protect- roadside assistance program that offers specific benefits such as towing and lockout service
  • My Legal Assistance- access to online legal resources as well as one 30 minute legal consultation

Cardholders who do not have the membership benefit plan do have to pay a monthly service charge of $6 in any month that they have the account open but do not make any purchases. There are other fees associated with using the card that are spelled out in the terms and conditions. Since this card functions a bit differently than a traditional credit card, it is a good idea to read through this information and make sure that you understand the details.

  • Guaranteed $500 unsecured credit limit for all cardholders.
  • No credit or employment check.
  • 0% APR on all purchases.
  • Merchandise card can only be used online at The Horizon Outlet and not at any other retail location.
  • Fees structure that is different from traditional credit cards.
  • Applicants who do not have a debit or credit card account will not qualify.
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Merit Platinum Card Review

For individuals with limited credit options, Merit Platinum offers benefits that you may not find elsewhere. Just by being over age 18, having a debit or credit card account, and a U.S. address/phone number, anyone can get approved for this card. A $500 unsecured credit limit made available with no credit or employment check is a good option to have in your wallet. Purchase options at The Horizon Outlet include a broad range of items including things you may need for your home and family, or gift items for any upcoming holidays. The fees associated with this card make it a bit more expensive than some traditional credit cards, but the easy approval and high credit limit make this card worth a closer look.

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